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News Release

Monday, October 1, 2012

CONTACT: Nicole Smith, 608-224-6455


MADISON, WISCONSIN – Michigan reigned supreme at the National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest on October 1 at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisc. Team members Megan Filhart, Hayleigh Geurink, Megan Bush and Savannah Katulski led the team to the top in overall placings. Respectively, Megan Bush and Megan Filhart placed second and third in overall individual judging.   The Michigan team was coached by Joe Domecq and Sarah Black.  Placing second, but with equal skills and points was Minnesota. Four points behind them was Pennsylvania.  Tony Garcia of California was the high individual overall and first in oral reasons.  Thirty-One teams from around the country competed in the dairy cattle evaluation contest judging 10 classes, and giving oral reasons on five classes.  Results are as follows:

Top 10 Teams Overall

  1. Michigan, 2,045, coached by Domecq and Sarah BlackTeam members: Megan Filhart, Hayleigh Geurink, Megan Bush and Savannah Katulski
  2. Minnesota, 2,001 coached by Scheffler and Pieper
    Team members: Mary Liebenstein, Emily Pieper, David Trcka, Dennison Nelson
  3. New York, 2,001, coached by Doug Waterman
    Team members: Miquela Hanselman, Andrew Chlus, Jacob Duppengiesser, Heidi Vanleishout
  4. Pennsylvania, 1,994,  coached by Chad Dechow
    Team members: Caitlyn Pool, Dyllan Himmelberger, Tim Yoder, Elliot Elsbree
  5. Wisconsin, 1,952, coached by Behling/ Grosenick/ Sloan
    Team members: Andy Sell, Janelle Remington, Carrie Warmka, Brad Warmka
  6. Ohio, 1,949, coached by Bonnie Ayars
    Team members: Laura Bond, Emily Dudash, Hillary Hayman, Meghan Thurston
  7. California, 1,948, coached by Donny Rollin
    Team members: Tony Garcia, Justin Bopp, Tristan Rollin, Brandon Carreiro
  8. New Hampshire, 1,940, coached by Jessica Chickering
    Team members: Brooke Clarke, Jacob Blake, Lucas Deblois, Tristan Phillips
  9. Maryland, 1,930, coached by Jessica Little
    Team members: Tessa Wiles, Carol Debaugh, Scott Debaugh, Derrick Zimmerman
  10. Illinois, 1,897, coached by David Fischer
    Team members: Adrienne Brammeier, Jessica Telgamann, Morgan Wendling, Brett Woker

 Top 10 Individuals Overall:

  1. Tony Garcia, 700, California
  2. Megan Bush, 690, Michigan
  3. Megan Filhart, 688, Michigan
  4. Dyllan Himmelberger, 686, Pennsylvania
  5. Emily Pieper, 680, Minnesota
  6. Miquela Hanselman, 677, New York
  7. Jacob Duppengiesser, 675, New York
  8. Kylie Ward, 671, North Carolina
  9. Hayleigh Guerink, 667, Michigan
  10. Mary Liebenstein, 665, Minnesota

Top 10 Team Reasons:

  1. Michigan, 677, coached by Domecq and Black
  2. Minnesota, 677, coached by Scheffler andPieper
  3. Pennsylvania, 673, coached by Chad Dechow
  4. New York, 661, coached by Doug Waterman
  5. Wisconsin, 654, coached by Behling/ Grosenick/ Sloan
  6. Maryland, 635, coached by Jessica Little
  7. California, 632, coached by Donny Rollin
  8. Ohio, 630, coached by Bonnie Ayars
  9. Iowa, 628, coached by Lyons and Lovstuen
  10. Florida, 628, coached by Holcomb and Clements

Top 10 Individual Reasons:

  1. Tony Garcia, 234, California
  2. Dyllan Himmelberger, 231, Pennsylvania
  3. Mary Liebenstein, 230, Minnesota
  4. Jacob Duppengiesser, 228, New York
  5. Megan Bush, 227, Michigan
  6. Andy Sell, 227, Wisconsin
  7. Megan Filhart, 225, Michigan
  8. Hayleigh Geurink, 225, Michigan
  9. Laura Bond, 224, Ohio
  10. David Trcka, 224, Minnesota

Generous support from sponsors makes the 91st National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest possible. In 2012, sponsors include: ABS Global, Accelerated Genetics, American Guernsey Association, American Jersey Cattle Association, American Livestock Insurance Company, Inc., Ayrshire Breeders’ Association, Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association, CRV USA, E-Zee Milking Equipment, LLC, Hoard's Dairyman, Holstein Association USA, International Protein Sires, Lakeshore Federated Dairy Cooperative, Land of Living, Land O'Lakes, Inc., Maryland Brown Swiss Association, Merrick Animal Nutrition, Inc., Mrs. Judy Majeskie, Nasco, National Dairy Shrine, Pfizer Animal Health, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin, Select Sires, Inc., Sexing Technologies, The Hartford Livestock Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison Dairy Science Dickson Fund, Westway Feed Products, LLC and World Dairy Expo.